Custom Solutions

QA Systems is a proven leader in healthcare, insurance, legal and university settings. We consistently produce superior applications tailored to the needs of our clients. Each application we build is capable of integrating with other QA Systems applications, enabling truly custom solutions that draw from the strengths of all of our products.

Powered by the popular QA RAD Windows® -based environment, our solutions make complex information accessible and effectively streamline the operations for each client. In addition to our model solutions like QA Claims and QA Events, QA Systems has deployed custom solutions in areas such as:

Worker's Compensation
Our solutions efficiently manage workers compensation data that must be reported to state and/or federal authorities. The structure and flexibility of our solutions allow for variations in claims administration programs and jurisdiction requirements. The data tracked per claim include but is not limited to: demographics, narratives, event and injury codes, milestone dates, work history, time intervals, mandated forms, litigation, reserves, expenses and disposition.

Physician Credentialing
These solutions focus on the credentials of healthcare practitioners. They provide the ability to capture information such as: demographics, offices, appointments, insurance coverage, specialties, boards, privileges and licences.

Patient Complaints
QA Events and QA Case & Quality have the capacity to track patient complaints. Some of our clients have taken an alternative approach which is to single out patient complaints as a separate application. As with all QA Systems products, this solution integrates with other QA Systems applicatins and is capable of retrieving patient demographics from external datasources. Capitalizing on the tailored nature of all QA Systems applications, our patient complaint solutions effectively streamline the management of complaints. Per complaint, related data can be tracked and trended such as: complaint types, persons involved, notes, resolutions and cost. 

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