QA Events

Powered by the popular QA RAD Windows® -based environment, QA Events sets the industry standard for risk management solutions. The QA Events interface makes complex information accessible. Detailed topics can be organized by multiple tabs, making it easy to examine an event's various subject areas.

QA Events integrates seamlessly with other QA Systems applications, yielding a deep and powerful resource that streamlines work flow. The scope of QA Events can be extended when integrated with QA Claims, our leading risk and claims management application. The two application can share data, codes and reference materials. Individual user profiles can be set to perserve the most confidential information.

QA Events integrates with Crystal Decisions, Inc.™Crystal Reports®, the industry-standard report generator. QA Systems capitalizes on the ability to embed graphics and export into Microsoft® Word and Excel. In-depth reports are easily distributed across an entire organization. Reports can be segmented into libraries, each with user rights settings to maintain confidentiality and operational excellence.

QA Events, any field can be customized to suit a client's particular needs. In compliance with any national and local standards, QA Events can:

  • manage and analyze all events within a centralized system.
  • provide a comprehensive, high-level overview of each event.
  • track and reduce high-frequency events/incidents.
QA Events captures and displays a comprehensive overview of each event. By concentrating essential information in the main QA Events windows, users can easliy view, query and generate reports. For each event, the core data is linked with relevant details and reference materials found in secondary windows. For example, in a healthcare setting, QA Events handles top-level information as well as key fields including but not limited to:
  • analyses
  • credentials
  • equipment
  • ICD9CM codes
  • institutional experience
  • medications (administration or NDC)
  • medical observations and situations

Events can be analyzed from a variety of perspective, including but not limited to :

  • region
  • facility
  • site
  • department or service
  • location (name and cost center number)
  • room
For each incident, QA Events data by any criteria required by the client, taking advantage of a three-tiered ("drill down") event code base as well as keyword systems, serverity codes and retrospective analyses.
QA Events features easy-to-use data entry sceens and easy-to-understand report formats.
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